Moveset Editor – Video

One of my last team’s biggest takeaways from showing at GDC 2016 was that our title’s combat just wasn’t good enough. It didn’t feel quite right and the animations didn’t flow the way players wanted them to. So when I got back to the studio I revamaped that whole system. Initally all the detecting of […]

Shattered Might Character Manager

Here you see our character sheet editor; Another case of bringing a ton of separate components and scripts together in a single convenient place to edit. It had a whole inheritance system, so a designer could bump the health, or whatever, in a base enemy type and have those changes cascade into anything that inherits […]

Shattered Might Map Editor

To try to avoid the need for scene merging, we adopted an approach where levels were divided into rooms and then each room was comprised of 10 or so sub scenes which would be baked together at build time. This meant a designer could work on the enemy placement in a room while an artist […]

2.5D Path finding

This is one of those systems I would have loved to be able to just purchase from the asset store but unfortunately nothing there suited our needs. So I built us a 2.5D platform based path finding and navigation system from scratch. It’s able to automatically detect all walkable surfaces and ledge hang locations, as […]

Process Monitoring Tool

While the vast majority of my recent work has been within Unity, I’m also a quite capable developer outside of the engine. I have a background in c++ including lots of computer vision and gesture research stuff on linux pipelines. However, recently I have been getting more and more acquainted with the Microsoft desktop workflows. [...]

Glimmer 360 video cloud render server

I wouldn’t call myself a web developer by any standard, but if the team needs some custom server or simple web based tool, I can generally put that together without too much of an issue. That is, as long as it’s just for internal use and not expected to scale to thousands of users. Here […]

Input Recording

This was a fun little tool that I would sometimes put effort into when trying to distract myself whenever I felt stuck on where to next take some of the larger systems. It did help save time for a number of team members, especially the level designers and animator. They could quickly save some input […]

Chase Us Open

Client: Chase Bank Agency: MKG Launched: August 25 2014 Project Video Music: “Computer in Love” by Bonaparte More Info: Helios Interactive Personal Role:  Developer    


Client: Lexus Partners: ASV Launched: August 13 2014 Project Video Music: “Trying to be Cool (Chainsmokers Remix)” by Phoenix More Info: Helios Interactive Personal Role:  Tech director, out sourcing manager, production lead

TWA 9000 – Video

A game we submitted to the 2015 RealSense Challenge. It took 2nd place.

Head of the Order – Update – Video

After winning the Intel Preceptual Computing Challenge. We got some funding to build it into ta full game. We’ve stated a new studio called Livid Interactive. We’ve built the art team and are super excited about filling this game with content.

Nespresso Grand Central Pop-up Boutique

I worked on the unity bit’s of getting it to render out in the correct way for Helios Interactive.   Client: Nespresso Partners: MAS Event + Design, Obscura Digital, Basenji Launched: October 2013 Event Duration: 4 days Awards: “Best Use of Technology” by Event Marketer Project Video Music: “Work” by The Junior Boys  

NFL Join The Huddle Tour

At Helios Interactive I was the lead dev on this motion based football experience for the 2014 Super Bowl XLVIII, the Host Committee   Client: Super Bowl XLVIII Host Committee Launched: August 2013 Event Duration: 6 months Project Video Music: “Hot Cakes” by El Ten Eleven UI Design: Helios Interactive Front End [...]