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Jacob D. Pennock

Jacob is an award winning experience designer and creative coder. He works in a wide rage of interactive mediums from art installations and immersive theater to video games and mixed reality. He has produced a large number of live experiential events, some highly downloaded mobile games, as well as extensive work in future looking product prototyping.

He’s collaborated on experiential marketing and future product design projects with a number of global brands including: Intel, Facebook, Chase, Lexus, Visa, Under Armor, Reebok, State Farm, Nespresso, Panasonic, among others. A number of which were nominated or received EX Awards.

His personal works tend to focus on exploring the boundary between technology and magic. With his gestural spell casting demo taking first place in the perceptual computing challenge before becoming an arcade game. He creates further content exploring this topic on his YouTube channel Conjuring the Future.

Currently he is the lead engineer at Experimental Design collaborating with Alex McDowell and The American Society of Civil Engineers on the Future World Vision project.