After winning the Intel Preceptual Computing Challenge. We got some funding to build it into ta full game. We’ve stated a new studio called Livid Interactive. We’ve built the art team and are super excited about filling this game with…

My wife and I entered this to the Intel Perceptual Computing Challenge 2013. We Won!

I saw this really cool article about the UbiArt engine and wanted to see if I could get some of those kind of tools in Unity.

I was really board so I made a little card matching thing.

Just Playing with Dx11 particles.

A little test of how might one get good looking hair in unity.

This effect used to be all the rage in flash days. I wanted to see if I could do it in Unity.

The Zigfu guys asked me if I could get the kinect facetracking working as a native plugin and not piped in over sockets.

A quick prototype of some gesture based mechanics.

Hey guys I started working on a plugin for Unity that allows you use the sony PlayStation move controller through It is currently far from feature complete but should be enough to get you started if you need move…