Here is a sneak peak at a little weekend project.

At Helios Interactive I was the lead dev on this motion based football experience for the 2014 Super Bowl XLVIII, the Host Committee

Here is screen shot of a Scene management tool I build for an unnamed facebook game

A little test of how might one get good looking hair in unity.

Just having fun with particles and trail renderers.

The Zigfu guys asked me if I could get the kinect facetracking working as a native plugin and not piped in over sockets.

A quick prototype of some gesture based mechanics.

A mobile game that we never finished.

Here are some pictures and a video of the new 19 inch LCD multi-touch surface I just built. It was built as a proof of concept, the next step is to scale up the design and built a 40 inch…

I received my new nokia n900 in the mail yesterday. I am very impressed. So far it is everything I hoped it would be and more. It is definitely going to become the phone I use everyday. It seems very…