Just a little Jira plugin I’m working on for Unity.

Here is an image of the state machine system I build for Head of the Order.

My wife and I entered this to the Intel Perceptual Computing Challenge 2013. We Won!

I saw this really cool article about the UbiArt engine and wanted to see if I could get some of those kind of tools in Unity.

I was really board so I made a little card matching thing.

Just Playing with Dx11 particles.

Here is screen shot of a Scene management tool I build for an unnamed facebook game

A little test of how might one get good looking hair in unity.

This effect used to be all the rage in flash days. I wanted to see if I could do it in Unity.

The Zigfu guys asked me if I could get the kinect facetracking working as a native plugin and not piped in over sockets.