Delta Gateway to MSG

At Helios Interactive I did some of the backend CMS integration for this Delta video wall.   Client: Delta Partner: MKG Launched: August 2013 Event Duration: Ongoing Project Video Music: “Glitter” by Ghostland Observatory UI Design: Helios Interactive Front End Development: Helios Interactive, MMMLabs Technology [...]

US Open Activation

Project I was the Lead dev on at Helios Interactive as a activation at the US Open 2013 for Emirates. Client: Emirates Airline Launched: August 2013 Event Duration: 14 days Project Video Music: “A King Alone” by The M Machine UI Design: Helios Interactive Front End Development: Helios Interactive Technology Integration: Helios [...]

Card Game

I was really board so I made a little card matching thing.

Scene Manager

Here is screen shot of a Scene management tool I build for an unnamed facebook game View post on

Hair Test

A little test of how might one get good looking hair in unity.

Purple Swarm

Just having fun with particles and trail renderers.

2D water ripples

This effect used to be all the rage in flash days. I wanted to see if I could do it in Unity.

Kinect Face Tracking in Unity

The Zigfu guys asked me if I could get the kinect facetracking working as a native plugin and not piped in over sockets.

Using Playstation Move Controller with Unity

Hey guys I started working on a plugin for Unity that allows you use the sony PlayStation move controller through It is currently far from feature complete but should be enough to get you started if you need move access now. You can download an alpha release here However in preparing to write this […]

Unity Pro Tip: Use custom made assets as configuration files

Often times throughout the course of developing a game you end up building some components that need to take in some data through some sort of a configuration file. This could be some parameters for your procedural level generation system, maybe a gesture set for your gesture recognition system, or really any number of things. […]

Call Unity’s mono complier from within Sublime Text

Here is a little teaser screenshot. Full update with instructions coming soon.   Update Sorry I took forever and never quite finished this. Fortunately Frédéric Vauchelles finished this work and you can find it on his blog: Sublime Text 2 package for Unity3d builds or on his GitHub.

Using Sublime Text 2 with Unity3D

This video details all my plugins for using Sublime Text 2 with Unity. How to install them (through sublime text’s package control system), how to use them, and what they do. If you downloaded versions of these plugins from any of my older blog posts please update to using these versions through package control. You […]

HyperCube HD Unity Game Tech Demo

This is a little tech demo for a gesture based tablet tower defense game that a friend of mine and I build and showed around at E3 2011. I couldn’t finding any funding for it and my friend got hired away by a bigger game studio, so its pretty much a dead project.

Sony Move Linux mouse driver

A couple weeks ago at the game developers conference Sony announced a new product called which is basically a C library that allows you to connect the move controller to your computer. Is currently in closed beta and I just got access to it this past Thursday. I spent my weekend playing with it […]

DIY USB arcade gamepad

I finished my final project for that computer architecture course I mentioned a few posts back. I ended up building a USB arcade style gamepad. It uses an AVR mega8 as its processor and all coding was done in C. Check out the pictures below and feel free to e-mail me if you’re interested in […]

Lab bench power supply from ATX PSU

As I mentioned in my previous post I’m planing on doing some hardware building soon so I’m going to need a bench top power supply. Instead of dropping a few hundred dollars on a legit one I decided to just build a simple one myself out of an old ATX computer power supply I had […]